What is the difference between tawassul and praying to ghairullah

as salaamu alaykum,

may this reach you in good health and imaan,

I understand the Validity of Tawasul based on ahadith such as the hadith of uthman ibn hunayf and ofcourse the famous hadith of the blind man. However, im concerned with how to explain to someone who accuses us of Praying to other than Allah. Some groups of muslims will claim that using a wasila to Allah through a prophet or wali would be kufr that resembles the shirk of the mushrikun who sought intercession for idols. Therefore how do we explain to these people that we are not Praying to the dead. And how do we differentiate between praying to other than Allah and using Tawassul. Jazakallah khayr


Firstly let us understand tawwasul.
Tawwasul refers to  Asking from ALLAH to accept our duas due to the good deeds and piety of an individual. To ask from the individual directly for him to grant you your needs is never permissable . Remember the idolators and christians ask directly from their idols or Jesus (alayhis salaam) . Therefore to say that asking from ALLAH on the piety of the friends of ALLAH and their good actions is not the same as asking from the individual. As for requesting Rasulullaah salallaahu alayhi wa sallam for dua of maghfirah (i.e. that he makes duas on your behalf ) is direct the command of ALLAH( surah nisaa verse 64 ‘if only they came to you when they transgressed (oppressed themselves) and sought fromALLAH forgiveness and sought from you to ask ALLAH for forgiveness on their behalf , they will find ALLAH oft forgiving’) We believe the messenger Of ALLAH is alive in his grave and therefore we ask of him to seek forgiveness from Allah on our behalf.


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