Taraaweeh 20 rakaa’at or less?


we all know that the taraweeh is 20 rakaats..  my question: if a muslim prays less than 20 rakaats is this considered as though he performed “taraweeh”
or is only 20 (+3=23) or above* (36+3 = 39)?

and if one performs taraweeh 20 rakaah more or less, but in the home, is this considered taraweeh or qiyaamul-layl or what?

afeedona min 3ilmikom al-ghazeer
wa afaadakomullah min jazaa2ihi el-wafeer
و عليكم السلام
dear brother see the following link for the answer of your question.
و السلام


Author: jaamiahamidia

striving for the upliftment of humanity

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