Reading wird for worldy gain?

Assalaamualykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Respected Mufti Sahib

Please advise me regarding an individual who recites various supplications for worldly purposes which have been narrated in Ahaadeeth for the sole intention of benifiting him in the world, will he receive rewards in reciting these supplications? For example a person reads the dua for protection “Bismillahi-lathee la yadhurru ma-a ismihi shayun fil ardhi wala fissamaai wa huwas-sameeul aleem” Solely for the worldy benefit of receiving protection. Or he recites surah waaqiah daily, for protection against poverty, will these supplications render him reward? And will this be classed as ibaadat
Please could you give me a clear answer if possible, and also provide me with any daleel regarding this masala.

باسمه تعالى
حامدا و مصليا
وعليكم السلام
Islam is a complete way of life of and it guides its followers in every aspect of their lives from the birth till the death through the last and final Rasool (SAW). He (SAW) directed the Ummah in every difficulty where it is related to the religion or the world. This is the reason that Masnoon Du’aas have been narrated for various occasions. Therefore, if someone reads these Du’aas even for the worldly purpose with the intention that the Rasulullah (SAW) recommended to do so, then he is following the instruction of Rasulullah (SAW) which is no doubt an Ibadah. Because every lawful action of a believer will be regarded as Ibadah, if it is done with a good intention even the Luqmah that one puts into the mouth of his wife. Rasulullah (SAW) is reported as to have said, “Actions are judged by intention”.


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