Marraige to a nonmuslim girl. What is theshar’ii ruling?


I am a muslim man living in UK. I am interested in getting marries with a christian woman who works with me at office. I would like to ask you if it is permissible in Islam to do so? She agrees to bring up any kids we have as muslims, but does not want to change her faith. I would appreciae if you could send me an email.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Jazakum-ul-llah Khair
باسمه تعالى
حامدا ومصليا
How can she bring up the kids to Islam when she can’t change herself? The experience shows that the children are convinced by mother and something the wife convinces her husband too. Therefore, one should avoid to marry any woman other than a Muslimah, though the women of Ahl-Alkitaab are permitted to marry. But it should be carried in mind that today’s Jews and Christians do not follow their religions. For more detail see the below link:
والله اعلم بالصواب


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10 thoughts on “Marraige to a nonmuslim girl. What is theshar’ii ruling?”

  1. Asalamoalaikom

    I want to ask that can I marry a greek orthodox Christian girl?? What our Islam and Quran says about nikaah? She dasent have problem to do nikaah with me. . I was orthodox Christian before and I accepted Islam and I hope she will to accept islam Ameen .
    Marrying a Non muslim and living in a non muslim country will be placing ones imaan as well as ones offsprings imaan in danger.Many of the Sahaabah radhiyallahu anhoem were of the opinion that marrying a woman of the book will only be permissible if done in an area wherein there is muslim control.I also hold that opinion and therefore living under non islamic governments is not recommended. However try and encourage your future to accept islam and then your life would be one of bliss., inshaALLAH.

  2. aslamo.alikum|
    main aik muslim larki hun aur christian larke say shadi kerna chati hun
    kiya islam hamen is baat ki izajat deta k aik muslim larki non muslim k 7 shadi ker skae?

  3. AsalaamuAlaikum Mufit Saab,

    I am a muslim guy and was in love with a Christian girl at my work, and we both where very close to each other like almost a husband and wife. 1 day we went physical not purposely but it just happened. I told my parents and family that I want to marry this girl. My family did not agree and where opposed to this. Since I am very honest to my parents and told them that I went physical with the girl and I do want to be with any other girl. They did not believe thinking that we both were lying to just get marry. But Allah gawah hai mufti saab that we both went physical. Since I believe in Allah and his teachings i want to be honest on what I have done. And I am very strict that if I go physical I can go only with my wife and not any other female. How can I convey this to my parents and am not able to take decision. I am from good family and even I am not into any other bad habit Mufti saab. I do pray as much I can and give satka, help the people who are in need, I should not tell this to any one that I am doing this cause or so and so. But I wanted to keep my issue in front of a you Mufti Saab. Since I am going through very badly in life with depression and sadness in my life. I was very close to her and main thing is I went physical. This is effecting me a lot. After doing nothing bad still why this is happening with me. Even my parents know what type of person I am and my nature. What step I can take Mufti Saab I have this strong feel that I can be physical only with my wife and not any other female. So @ home parents are telling me to get engaged and get married. But I am not able to due to this reason.

    Even the girl is in dilemma what to do, Her condition is that she wants to stay with my parents only. and not separately. Since my parents told me that If I want to marry her I need to leave the house and go with her. But even she is quite and my parents say this.

    I am no where now what can I do Mufti Saab any suggestions from your end on my problem please Allah ka wasta.Provide your inputs on my issues…..

    Will look forward to hear from you soon.

    Allah Hafiz
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Firstly i would encourage you to repent for the wrong and haraam acts committed. Thereafter read two rakaats of salatul haajaat and ask from ALLAH the best path.If you still feel the same then you should take your father’s advise and go seperate. Maybe this will give them time to come to terms with your dilemma.
    May ALLAH grant you that which will be best for both the worlds, i.e. here and aakhirah.

    1. Asaalamalaikum Mufti Saab,

      Aapka shukriya for the valuable inputs. But I want to know if I pray Salatul Hajaat and ask for the best path. How will I get to know about the decision I need to take. Will there be any sign or dream through which I will get to know.
      I know Mufti saab what I did was wrong but it just happened. But I am not able to come out of that thing. I am not able to forget her and is there any Duwa whicht gives me peace/ Sukoon. @ this age I am in lot of depression and I donno how to convince or convey my parents about my problem…………
      Wa alytkumus Salaam
      Firstly read this wird 100 timea a day-
      laa ilaaha illaa anta subhaanaka inni kuntu minnaz zhaalimeen..
      Insha ALLAH sukun will come to the heart.

  4. salam alakum
    i am muslim guy deeply in love with a hindu girl & never expected other than her as my wife problem is tht donoo ka parents nahi maanaga aur woh mom & mostly dad ko hurt nahi karna cahati haa allah tala gaawa hai ka how much i love her & i am from decent family & i 1&only son 2 my parents even i tn dnt want 2hurt my parentr they r everything to me i cnt express in words & at the same time i dnt wanna loss her ab aur baatya main kya karoo mujhe maa itni courage nahi ka uska bina jeesakoo is maslaa ka haal baatya
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Your matter is simple. You cannot marry her until she accepts islam. Marrying a Mushrikah is forbidden in islam.If she is willing to accept thne the problem on your side will be solved. Think of what the future holds if you marry and she is not muslim!!! What will the condition of your children be. One cannot live merely on love and fresh air. So kindly re evaluate your situation.

  5. Assalam o alaikum,
    i am facing a problem from 6 months.i want to marry a shia girl i know its prohibited is our religion.but she is agree to be a please tell me the proper way.i am very tens.

    Ajmal khilji
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Let her read her kalimah and declare her iman Thereafter she should take a bath (ghusal).. Thereafdter have some imaam to perform the nikaah.

  6. salamalaykum
    hi i am a married guy for more than 3years now have 1 daughter, but i didnt planned i fell inlove with a non muslim lady, we are working in the same company, we’ve been together now for more than a year as boyfriend and girlfriend, she never asked anything to me, she didnt asked any material things, she just love me without anything in return she accepted me, even my flaws if i will be able to encourage her to change her religion and convert to islam is it possible to marry her? and be her my second wife?? shukran! allah bless you!

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      For a man to have an illicit affair with a woman is forbidden in Islam. Know that what you are doing is haraam and sinful. Repent to ALLAH for this great sin. Did you think the consequences of what you are doing. Fear ALLAH.
      On the other hand it is permissible to marry her as a second wife if she accepts islam.

  7. My daughter in law was christain but she recite kalma but life style is same as before some time she is reading islamic book .is she muslim or not

    1. Has she been taught about islam? Are the household women practising islam around her? Since she recited the kalimah and accepted islam she is muslimah but lack in aamaal like many born Muslims.

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