Dua after faraaidh, after every four rakaa’at of taraaweeh, etc

it would be greatly appreciated if hz mf saheb could kindly answer the following questions with detailed referances : 1) what is the shar’ee ruling regarding the continious making of congregational dua after the faradh salaah 2) referance and status of the dua after the four rakaats of taraaweeh salaat  3) referance of the famous saying of hz ali (ra) knowledge is my capital…etc etc
باسمه تعالى
حامدا ومصليا
1)Many Ahadith pay great emphasize on making Du’aa after Farz Salaah. (Tirmizee, Abwabudda’waat:2/187)  Therefore, it is Sunnah to make Du’aa after every Farz Salaah whether collectively or individually. It is advisable to shorten the Du’aa after the Farayeez followed by Sunnah.
2)There is neither collective Du’aa nor any particular Du’aa after the four Rakaats of Taraaweeh Salaah. One can make Du’aa, read Durood Shareef, perform Nafl Salaah or keep silent.
3)You might have got confused with the Hadith narrated in Timizee, Abwabul-Manaaqib: 2/213 “أنا دار الحكمة و على بابها” (I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate) which has been regarded unacknowledgeable by Imam Tirmizee (RH).
و الله اعلم بالصواب


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One thought on “Dua after faraaidh, after every four rakaa’at of taraaweeh, etc”

  1. Assalamualaikumwarahmatullahiwabarakatuh,

    Mufti Sahab had given an answer above for the question regarding doing dua after every farz salah.

    He told the following few words “Therefore, it is Sunnah to make Du’aa after every Farz Salaah whether collectively or individua”

    He told that there is an hadeeth in Tirmidee regarding dua after every farz Salah.

    First thing it is agreed that after every farz salah it is an important time for doing duaa as like doing duaa in 1/3 time of night in Tahajjud,


    the main thing here is in that hadeeth is it mentioned anywhere about doing duaa after every farz salah collectively/group wise?

    No there is not mentioned in any sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH regarding doing duaa after every farz salah in group/collectively.

    It is not in any saheeh hadeeth.

    Some scholars had mentioned as Bi’dah(innovaqtion) to do duaa after every salah in doing groupwise/collectively.

    So we have to prohibit doing duaa collecdtively after every farz salah.

    Ya you can/have to do duaa after every farz salah if possible but it is to be INDIVIDUALLY AS IT IS A RIGHT SUNNAH.

    Remember all in duaas

    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    Collective Du’aa is not against the Sunnah or an innovation in religion. Since this type of Du’aa has been proved by the Ahaadith. It is narrated on the authority of Habib Ibn Maslama al-Fihri that he heard the Messenger of Allah saying, “No group of believers assemble, one of them supplicating while others saying Ameen, except that Allaah answers their prayer.” (Mu’jum al-Kabeer, 4/26, Al-Mustadrak, 3/347)
    There are other Ahadith as well which prove collective Du’aa as Sunnah. Besides, an untold numbers of Ahaadith are evidence for making Du’aa immediately after Farz Salaah. So, if all make Du’aa immediately after Jamaat, then the Du’aa will authentically appear collective. Therefore, collective Du’aa after Farz Namaaz is not against the Sunnah nor in an innovation in religion.
    والله اعلم

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