Pearls of Wisdom by AArif billaah Hakeem akh

Neglect of Zikr is starvation of the soul.
One who is an Aashiq,a lover of Allah,even though not entangled in sin will yet remain a Mustaghfir(penitent).
Stay away from sins as well as the preludes,those things that lead to sin.
The connection,the link between the ,the outward and inward is such that neither can be seperated from the other.
Taqwa means that one has the urge to disobey and one prevents oneself from doing so.
The true lover of Allah is the one who knows how to to endure the grief of Allah’s path.
One evil glance causes several diseases even though it may be for only one minute.
Piety creates the light of tranquillity.
Ask Allah Ta’ala to muster ones courage to leave all sins.
Casting evil glances at beautiful faces is a filthy and polluted act.
No taste can match the joy experienced when one sacrifices every breath for Allah’s sake.
In old age potency diminishes,but desires and passion remain virile,at the same time to combat the nafs weakens.
Some people desire to acquire Allah’s pleasure but refuse to sacrifice any of their pleasures and desires.
Due to constant striving,the heart is nutured,and fertile to absorb the rays of Hidayat and Wilayat(sainthood).
Controlling the gaze creates a lustre(nur) within the heart which quickly manifests on the face of such a person.
In proportion to the severity of the urge and desire to commit sin,will be degree of nur created, on suppressing this urge.
One lustful gaze leads to another,just as one sin leads to another and one good deed to another.
Some people claim their total helplessness with regard to controlling the gaze,its a deception of shaytaan.
Striving against the nafs is indeed a struggle and an allegorical Jihaad of the highest form.
The person that desires to taste the pleasures of Jannah on earth,should spend with the Ahlullah(people of Allah).
The religious harm of jealousy is the destruction of righteous deeds,its worldly harm is perpetual grief.
When a servant of Allah considers himself unworthy and inferior,
he is elevated in Allah’s sight.
The Awliya-Allah become even more humble when praised, becoming more grateful to Allah,for concealing their faults.
One of the most reprehensible forms of Riya(show) is to publicize one’s Ibadat and deeds before friends and family.
Regular visits to the graveyard and reflecting ,will create disdain
for the world in the heart.
Constant desire and aspiration for name and fame is a destructive spiritual illness .

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