The Sunni Standpoint (against the Shi’as as presented in the High Court of Pakistan)

The Sunni Standpoint (against the Shi’as as presented in the High Court of Pakistan)

Chapter One

The Kalima Of Islam

The Kalima of all the Ambiyya (alaihimus salaam), from the time of Hadhrat Aadam (alaihi salaam) upto the seal of all Prophets, Hadhrat Muhammad constituted of two parts : i.e. Tauheed (oneness of Allah Ta’ala) and Risaalat (prophethood). The first part being the profession of the oneness of Allaah Ta’ala and the second part being that of the prophet of the era.
This was the Kalima of all the Sahabah-e-Kiraam, the family (RadhiAllaahu Anhum) of Rasululllah and the entire Ummat-e-Muslima. Alhamdulillah, upto this present age as well the entire Muslim Ummat is resounding with this very same blessed Kalima, in their Masaajid, books and on their tongues.
May Allah Ta’ala grant us the excellent fortune of reciting this Kalima- La Ilaha Illallahu Muhammadur Rasulullah- at the time of our departure from this ephemeral abode.

The Kalima Of The Shi’as

The Shi’as have included a third part (i.e. of wilaayat of Hadrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu) to the other two parts of the Kalima of Islaam, thus separating their Kalima from ours. They have created a severe vexation in the Muslim Ummat and have alienated themselves from the Muslim Ummat because the greatest unification of this Ummat is this Blessed Kalima. The Shi’as have, during the rule of Bhutto, created an uproar and formulated for themselves a different Deenyat Syallabus. This gave rise to hereunder is take from their own books.
The Shitite declaration of faith:
“La llaaha IIIAllahahu Muhammadur Rasulullah, ALi waliyullah wasi Rasulluah Wa khalifatuhu beila faslin.” (“Radnuma ‘i Asaatiza”]

2. The Shi’a author Sayed Ali Haider Naqwi has recorded the difference between the Shi’a and Sunni Kalimas in his Kitaab ‘Adyaan-e-Aalam’, In the following way:

“The different between the Shi’a and Sunni kalima {after he records both the Kalimas he states} NOTE: After testifying to the oneness of Allah Ta’ala and the Risaalat Of Muhammed , the Shi’ite Kalima also includes the following, that Immamul Muttaqeen, Ali Murtadha is the Wali of ALlah Ta’ala and the Wasi or deputy of the Rasul of ALlah without any any Alliance to the other Khalifahs of Rasulullah (because according to the Shi’as the Khillaafat of Nabuwwat or Imaamat of the Muslims is a Shar’i or Rohaanu (Divine) rank and not a (man-made) rule). It is for this reason that the status and rank of Hadhrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu) is verified in the Kalima after that of Rasulullah .

4. The alteration of the Islaamic Kalima in Iran, and the addition Khomeini therein. This much is as clear as daylight and each and every Muslim knows that accepts that the greatest unifying factor of this Ummat is the Kalima LA ILAHA ILLALLAHU MUHAMMADUR Rasilillah, and that any changes theirin will constitute Kufr. Nevertheless, the SHias have perpettated great oppression upon this blessed Kalima. Examples of which have already been cited for your persal, from some of the Pakistani Shi’a immense oppression inflicted upon our blessed Kalima by the squalid audacity of the Iranian government and its Shias. They have added to our revered Kalima, (i.e. after their third addition of ‘Ali Waliyullah) a fourth part ‘Khomeini Hujjatul’. A copy of this is shown hereunder:

Another specimen of the Iranian Kalima
On the 22nd November 1978. in Tehran during the initial introduction years of khomeini, his followers raised a banner in his honour whereupon their kalima was written in the following manner : “la Ilaaha IllAllaahu Al Imaamul Khomeini”.
Hereunder is a specimen of the daily Raulpindi newspaper ‘Jang’

The alteration in the Shahaadat (testification to the oneness of Allah Ta’ala and the Risaalat of Nabi , by the Iranian Shi’as.
{extracted from “Wahdat Islaami” June 1984 issue}.

{Translation : I bear witness that there is no deity besides Allaah and I bear witness that Muhammed is the messenger of Allaah and that Ali is the Wali of Allaah and I bear witness that Khomeini is the Rooh of Allaah and His Hujjat upon His creation.”}
The Shia scholar Taalib Hussein Karpaalwi has written in his book Waaila e Ambiyaa on page 179

{Translation : “(By saying) ‘Aqrartum’ — It is clear from this sentence that the Ambiyaa (alaihumus salaam) confessed to the oneness of Allah, the Risaalat of Huzoor-e-Karam and the Wilaayat of Hadhrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu). Hence, we believe this that had the Ambiya not confessed to these three parts then they would not have been made prophets. So if the Nabuwwat (prophet hood) of the Ambiyaa (alaihumus salaam) would not remain without their confession of these three parts, then how would our Imaan remain?” Therefore only the Imaan of that person will be complete, who confesses to these three parts.
One ‘Yowme-e-Mithaaq’ (the day when the souls of all the creation testified to Allah Ta’ala) the aaarwaah ( souls) of the Ambiyaa testified to the oneness of Allah Ta’ala, the Risaalat of Nabi (sallAllaahu alaihii wasallam) and the Wilaayat of Hadhrat Ali ( radhiAllaahu anhu), therefore we have to accept that at that time Nabi (sallAllaahu alaihi wasallam) and Hadhrat FAli (radhiAllaahu anhu) were present with Allaah Ta’ala.
It is clear from these riwayat (narrations) that all the Ambiyaa (alaihumus salaam) had testified to Hadhrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu)s Wilaayat.”)
The Shi’a author ‘Karpaalwi’ has, in his article (above), not only affronted the Kalima of Islam, but he has also insulted all the Ambiyaa (alaihumus salam). He has the audacity to state (Naoothu billah-May Allah Ta’ala save us from such blasphemy) that the Ambiyaa (alaihumus salaam) received their prophet hood owing to their accepting the Wilaayat of Hadhrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu) together with accepting the Wilaayat of Hadhrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu) together with accepting the oneness of Allah Ta’ala. Had they not done this then;” they would not have been made prophets.”
Tyranny upon tyranny is that the basic belief of the Shi’as is that Wilaayat and Imaamat is more virtuous than Nabuwwat. The details of this will, Insha Allah be explained later.
5. “Our kalima is made-up with the testifications of Tauheed, Risaalat and Wilaayat…”
In the kitaab ‘ Usoolosh Shariah fi Aqaaidish Shi’a’, the author (whose titles appear as follows in the front page of the book) Ssadarul Mahaqqeqeen, Sultaanul Mutakallimeen, Hujjatul Islam wal Muslimeen, Sarkaar Allaama Sheikh Muhammed Hussein Sahib Wibla Mujtahidul Asr Sadrul Mu’tamir Ulama-e-Shia Pakistan, writes regarding the differences between the Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat and the Shi’as, on page 422;

{Translation : “Tenth difference – kalima of Willaayat – This also warrants no explanation that our kalima comprises of Tauheed, Risaalat and Wilaayat. But the Kalima of this group (i.e. Ahle Sunnat wal Jamaat) is like that of all other Muslim groups. They do not accept the portion of Wilaayat to be permissible nor part of the kalmia. However we consider this to be an integral part of the kalima Tayyibah.)
It is heart-rending that the (Shia) belief of Wilaayat and Imaamat are considered an integral part of the Kalima Tayyibah and also that it is regarded as being more virtuous that Nabuwwat. For example “Khalifah bila Faslin” denotes that Hadhrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu) was a Khalifah without intermediary, whereas, history bears testimony to this fact that this is a great lie, because prior to his becoming a Khalifah there were three others; biz. Hadhrat Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthmaan (radhiallahu anhum)
Similarly, the words ‘Wasi Rasulullah’ to which they profess indicates to this heart-rending belief of theirs that Nabi (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) appointed Hadhrat Ali (radhiallahu anhu) as Khalifah after him, but (in their words) ‘the rogues, oppressors and Munafiqeen’ (referring to the first three Khalifahs) did not allow this Khillaafat of Hadhrat Ali ( radhiallahu anhu) to occur.
However, Mullah Baqir Majlisi has written:
“Abu Bakr together with Umar and all the other Munafiqeen conspired and enacted an injustice upon the Ahle bait..”

{Translation : “According to the explanation of these oppressors when Abu Bakr together with Umar and all the other Munafiqeen (i.e. the Sahabah-e-Kiraam) conspired and enacted an injustice upon the Ahle Bait by snatching the Khilafat from them.
Firstly, I will relate some Shi’ite narrations which were r

{Translation : Now (should) we not raise an objection

The Belief of the Pakistani Shi’as

The Pakistani Shi’as also share the same beliefs that Baqir Majlisi and Khomeini share,

“The three offices of

Pillars of Islaam

Rasulullah has taught us regarding the five pillars of Islaam, which are also known as the foundations of Islaam:
3. Ibn Umar (radhiAllaahu anhu) reports that Nabi said: “Islaam is based upon

Pillars of Islaam and the Shi’as

1. The pillars of the Shi’as

“Abu Jafar reports : Islaam is based

{Translation : “Islaam is based upon five things; salaat, Zakaat, Hajj, Fasting and Wilaayat…”}

The Azaan of Islaam and the Shi’as

The shi’as have altered the Azaan of Islaam
Chapter Two

The Shi’ite belief regarding the present Qur’aan and ahaadith shareef

The shi’ite belief regarding the present Qur’aan it is the belief of the entire Muslim Ummat that the present Qur’aan Shareef is complete and free from all changes (man-made). Futhermore, a person

{Translation : “When the absent Imaam

According to the Shi’as theory. Approximately two third of the Qur’aan Shareef is Missing

The following is reported in “Usool-e-Kaafi’ :

“That Qur’aan which was revealed upon

Naoothubillah. The Qur’aan has undergone changes as had the Tawraah and Innjeel

A particular book entitled

“Point Four is regarding those narrations which

The famous Shi’a aalim of the 6th century hijri, Abu Mansoor Tibrisi has written:

If I have to disclose to you

“From all these narrations

Naoothubillah. “The Murtads (renegades) have removed the name (Ali) from the Aayaat..”

The Shi’a Mufassir

Baqir Majlisi and the belief in the alteration of the Qur’aan Shareef

In a complete contrary

“Continue reading those kitaabs whcih


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  1. Salaam alaikum

    Just wanted to clarify the following:

    -The kalima itself is man-made. The tashahhud, on the other hand, is the same for everyone.

    -The Shi’a do not believe that the Qur’an is incomplete and this has been attested by Shia and Sunni scholars. Both Shia and Sunni books contain weak ahadith suggesting this, but have been rejected by the scholars on both sides.
    وعليكم السلام
    It is not clear what you want to say. However, there is no doubt that the Kalimah of Shiah is man-made which they made adding “ALI WALIYULLAH WASIU RASULLUAH WA KHALIFATUHU BILAA FASLIN”. As regard to your other points, please forward the references so that we can check them and get more information of this double-faced sect.
    مع السلامة

  2. Assalaam-o-aleikom dear brothers,

    I’m sure that people who criticises others will be judged bij GOD himself. I just need to make sure that these comments are written bij someone who really has read The Holy Quran.
    Can anyone show me where in the Holy Quran this kalima tayyaba is written in the same words and in one sentence?
    I can challenge that no one can do this because it is taken from 2 Quranic versus and not one and that knows every muslim who can read and understand Quran. So it should be clear to every one that Kalima is not from one verse but more. But Sunni people don’t know what Kalima means in arabic. Read surah Fatir verse 10 from the Holy Quran. That surah includs Kalim (that means in arabic three or more parts). So that explains that kalima tayyaba should have three parts:
    Part 1: La ilaha ill allah (surah safaath verse 35-36)
    Part 2: Muhammad Rasool allah (surah fatah verse 29)
    Part 3: and where is the third part????

    Think about it. I can only suggest you guys to read and expand your knowledge.

    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى

    Definitely Allaah will judge but surely falsehood is ever bound to vanish. The comment you made shows how much you know about the Glorious Qur’aan and the Arabic language and how you mislead innocent Muslims. The Aayah no 10 of Surah Fatir which you have referred consists nothing of what you states. It says, “Whosoever desires Al-`Izzah then to Allah belongs Al-`Izzah. To Him ascend the good words, and the righteous deeds exalt it, but those who plot evils, theirs will be a severe torment. And the plotting of such will perish”. (Surah Fatir 35:10)
    The Kalimah of Ahlussunnah of Jama’ah is mentioned in the Glorious Qur’aan. Since Allaah says, “And whatsoever the Messenger gives you, take it; and whatsoever he forbids you, abstain (from it). And have Taqwa of Allah, verily, Allah is Severe in punishment”, (Surah Al-Hashr 59:07) the Nabee of Allaah ﷺ when answering to Jibreelعلیہ السلام explained Islaam as,
    “أن تشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وأن محمدا رسول الله ، وتقيم الصلاة وتؤتي الزكاة ، وتصوم رمضان ، وتحج البيت إن استطعت إليه سبيلا )”
    (To testify that there is no deity beside Allaah and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allaah, to perform Salaah, pay Zakaat, observe Sawm during Ramadhaan and to go for Hajj is the means are available.) (Recored by Saheeh Muslim)

    Therefore, the Kalimah of Ahlussunnah of Al-Jama’ah is not man-made rather it is divine-made whereas the Kalimah of Shia is mad-made.
    والله اعلم

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