The Placing of Sheets on Graves

The Placing of Sheets on Graves

The placing of sheets on graves is also forbidden. None of the graves during the honourable period of Rasulullah salalahu alayhi wa salam, sahabah, Tab’ien had sheets placed on them.

Allamah ibn Aabideen Shaami Rahmatullahi alayh says:

It is mentioned in Ahkam on the authority of Hujjaj that the placing of Sheets on graves is Makrooh. (Durre Mukhtaar pg228 Vol2)

The Burning of Lamps and Lights on Graves

Rasulullah salalahu alayhi wa salam did not only prohibit us from burning lamps, lights, candles, etc. but also cursed those observing these customs. Hadhrat Abdullah ibn Abbas radhiallahu anhu says:

Rasulullah salalahu alayhi wa slaam has cursed those women who go to the graves and those people who make graves places of Sajdah (prostration) and those who burn lamps and lights at graves.

Allama Ali Qari Hanafi commentating on this hadith says

‘The prohibition of burning lights, lamps, candles etc. at graves is because it is unnecessary spending of wealth there exists no benefit in the burning of such lights and lamps consisting of fire and these are actually signts of Jahannam.

Hadhrat Qadi Thana ullah pani Pati Says: “The raising of the Auliya’s graves, erecting of walls and domes, making of urs, burning of lamps, are all innovations- among these, some are haraam while others are makrooh.

Rasulullah salalahu alayhi wa salam cursed those who burn lamps etc. and make sajdah at graves. Rasulullah salalahu alayhi wa salam is reported to have said: Do not make my grave a place of worship. Rasulullah salalahu alayhi wa salam commanded Hadhrat Ali radhiallahu anhu to flatten all raised graves and destroy all pictures of animate thing


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