Peace and blessings be to Prophet Muhammad whenever his name is mentioned.


Nabi mentioned in the Hadith a period which will dawn upon the Ummah wherein holding firm to Iman (for the people of that period) will grasping burning coal. Without doubt the words of Nabi have proved to be true and we find our Iman under attack from all sides. One such attack has been launched by the Shi’ah in the disguise of, “The call of unity”, which has left a staggering question in many a minds; “Why do the Ahlus Sunnah not accept this incitation to unite?” The answer is simple: Only when the fundamental beliefs of two parties are similar can a common tent of unity be erected. The Qur’an clearly states:

“They wish that you should compromise (in religion out of courtesy) with them so they too would compromise with you. And obey not every such worthless person who swears much.”
Under no circumstances should the people of Iman compromise on the aspects of their religion. If the pillars of a structure are tampered with, it is bound to bring destruction. Similarly, when the fundamental beliefs of our religion are compromised, then Islam and its pureness will be washed away. This booklet is the translation of a lecture delivered by Moulana Dhiaurrahman Faruqi (Rahimahullah) which outlines the differences between the Ahlus Sunnah and the Shi’ah. It also depicts a clear picture of how it is impossible for the two to unite. This book also proves that the Shi’ah do not belong to the Muslim brotherhood. But rather, they are from amongst the enemies of Allah and Allah commands us thus:

” O you who believe! Take not My enemies and your enemies as friends…” I pray to Allah that He makes this booklet a means of guidance for the entire Ummah. May He also greatly reward all those who assisted in making this publication possible. Ameen.
09 Jumadal Ukhra 1420 19 September 1999

This is a lecture delivered on 6 October 1991 in Multan by Moulana Zia-ur-Rehman Farooqui (Shaheed) Rahimahullah


The verdicts passed by the Ulama regarding the Kufr of the Shi’ah are neither foreign nor strange. Moulana Haq Nawaz (Rahimahullah) had very boldly announced the Kufr of the Shi’ah form every possible platform and stage and he backed his claim with extremely weighty proofs. He had not undertaken a new task by regarding the Shi’ah to be Kuffar. The kufr of the Shi’ah is proven in the Qur’an. Imam Malik (Rahimahullah) has clearly counted the Shi’ah amongst the Kuffar substances it with the Ayah:

“… that He may burn through them the hearts of the disbelievers
Similarly Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jaiani (Rahimahullah) in his book, Ghuniyatut Talibin, has announced the Kufr of the Shi’ah. Imam Ahmad bin Hambal (Rahimahullah) has not only announced their Kufr but went as far as saying that the Taubah (Repentance) of the Shi’ah cannot be accepted. It is known that the Taubah of a Jew and Christian is acceptable, but according to him, the Shi’ah is such a Kafir that his Taubah cannot be accepted. Shaikhul Islam Imam Ibn Taimiyah (Rahimahullah) in his unparalleled book, Minhajus Sunnah – which was written as a reply to a Shi’ah – indicated towards the Kufr of the Shi’ah. However in his other work, As-Sarimul Maslul Ala Shatimir-Rasul, he has explicitly mentioned the Kufr, Irtidad and Nifaq of the Shi’ah. We also find the following words of Imam Malik, Ahmad bin Hambal and Abu Hanigah Rahimahumullah recorded:

“He who denies the Suhbah (Companionship) of Abubakr ( with the Prophet) is a Kafir.” After listening to all these opinions of the Ulama one should not hesitate in regarding the Shi’ah to be Kuffar. Some people argue the fact that Imam Abu Qiblah (a person who turns towards the Qiblah of Islam when praying- a Muslim) as a Kafir. Such people do not realize what is meant by these Ahlul Qiblah. If a person says that by Ahlul Qiblah are meant all those who face the Ka’bah in prayers, then the question arises: Which Qiblah did Abu Jahl and Abu Lanhab follow? When Abu Jahl and Abu Lanhab also followed the same Qiblah and made Tawaf of the same Ka’bah, then they should also be regarded as Muslims. Therefore, being from Ahlul Qiblah does not necessarily mean being a Muslim, rather it refers to those people who Ibnu Taimiyah had mentioned in his definition:

” The Ahlul Qiblah are those who are concurrent with the necessities of Deen.” On the other hand the Shi’ah are such Kuffar who deny the necessities of Deen. Following in the footsteps of Ibn Taimiyah was the great figure and personality of Mujaddid Alfe Thani (Rahimahullah). He clearly announced the Kufr of the Shi’ah in his book viz; Raddur Rifdhah.


Shah Waliullah (Rahimahullah) in his book, Izalatul Khifa, in 12 occasions passed the judgment of Kufr against the Shi’ah and counted them amongst the rejecters of Khatmun Nubuwwah. In his lat will he made the bequest that the Shi’ah should never be regarded as Muslims because they are deniars of Khatmun Nubuwwah. A dream of his is mentioned in the Kitab, Fuyoozul Haramain, wherein he says: “I saw Nabi in a dream. I asked him: “O Rasulullah ! What is your opinion with the regard of the Shi’ah?” Rasulullah replied: “To understand the position of the Shi’ah (in Islam) a study of their beliefs in Imamah is sufficient.” He further says: “On the following day I once again studied the Shi’i belief with regard to Imamah and came to the conclusion that the Shi’ah are the greatest opponents and deniers of the Khatmun Nubuwwah..” Now it is left upon us to decide whether we regard a person who denies Khatmun Nubuwwah to be a Mu’min or not?


If we further study we will find even more intense and severe reasons for regarding the Shi’ah to be Kuffar, like the doctrine of Bada, the belief of Raj’ah etc. However, there is one such belief that can never be denied. It is the duty of every Muslim to unveil this Kufr of the Shi’ah and remove the cover of Taqiyyah. This belief is none other than their belief in the alteration of the Qur’an. They claim that they present Qur’an was altered on behalf of the drunk Khulafa (referring to Abubakr, Umar and Uthman r.z).
Allah mentioned in Ayah of the Qur’an: (Surah 12, Verse 49)

“Then thereafter will come a year in which people will have abundant rain and in which they will press (wine and oil).” Maqbool Delawi writes this Ayah in his Tafir and says the word

originally ought to be read as

Using this word of the Qur’an Dehlawi writes that the Qur’an was tampered with due to the drunk Khulafa. This is recorded in his translation of the Qur’an. Another Shi’i scholar says in his translation of the Qur’an that the word

in the following verse of the Qur’an:

” Verily we have revealed the Thikr (Qur’an) and surely We will guard it (from corruption),” does not refer to the Qur’an. In fact it refers to Rasulullah . He interprets this verse in two ways:

1) If it refers to Rasulullah , then it means that Allah sent him down and protected him from being assassinated.
2) If it does refer to the Qur’an, then this does not necessitate the protection of every single copy of the Qur’an is in the possession of Ali. Similarly Muhammad bin Ya’qoob Kulanini in his book Usuluh Kafi* (This id one of the most authentic Shi’ah books. Just as the Muslims have 6 authentic books of Hadith, the Shi’ah have 4 such books which are called Usulul Arba’ah or Sihah Arba’ah. They are :
1) Al Jamiul Kafi which is divided into three parts; a) Usulul Kafi in 2 volumes. This mentions the Shi’i beliefs b) Furoo’ul Kafi in 5 volumes. book deals with the Masail (laws of Fiqh) and c) Raudhatul Kafi in 1 volume. This book mentions the lives of their A’immah. Al Jamiul Kafi enjoys the very same status as Shahihul Bukhari. The second book of the Shi’ah Arba’ah is Tahthibul Ahkam. The third is Al Istibsar and the fourth is Manla Yahdhuruhul Faqiah. Besides these 4 books, some Shi’ah may be accepting some books whilst rejecting others. Nevertheless these are such authentic books of that these books be studied. All the different Shi’ah sects also accept these books to be the most authentic.) says that the present Qur’an is an altered version of the original Qur’an which consist of 17,000 verses. It is a known fact that the present Qur’an only contains 6,666 verses. From this it is clarified that the difference with the Shi’ah is not merely based on their referring to Abubakr and Umar as Kafir. In fact, one of the fundamental differences is the rejection of the present Qur’an. They regard it to be incomplete. The footnotes of these books clearly mention that the Qur’an was tampered with by the drunkards viz. Abubakr, Umar and Uthman and it contains no reality and essence. If the Shi’ah are asked that if this position of the Qur’an in your opinion, then why do you recite it? Maqbool Delawi replies: “We are compelled to do this by the order of the Imam. The Imam had instructed that we should hold onto this “incorrect” Qur’an until we receive the original copy.”


The third reason for the Shi’ah being kuffar is that they believe the status of their 12 A’immah to be higher than that of every single Nabi. This belief of theirs is mentioned in their foundational book, Usoolul Kafi. It is mentioned therein in the Chapter “Kitabur Risalah” that the status of Muhammad and the remaining Ambiya is lesser than that of the 12 A’immah. These are beliefs of the Shi’ah which are mentioned in their most authentic books which cannot be denied by them. Khomeini in his book, Al-Hukumatul Islamiah, says that the 124,000 Ambiya could not attain the status which their 12 A’immah have attained. In this belief of theirs, the Shi’ah are in reality negating Khatmun Nubuwwah ( finality of the prophet hood of Muhammad .


The fourth reason for regarding the Shi’ah to be Kuffar is that they have counted Abubakr and Umar (and the rest of the Sahabah (r.z) as renegades. Muhammad bin Ya’qoob Kulanini explicitly writes in his book Usoolul Kafi that Abubakr and Umar never recited the Kalimah sincerely. They are Kuffar and inhabitants of Hell! After bolding such a belief, can the Shi’ah ever be regarded as Muslims? Usoolul Kafi also records the belief that a great number of the Sahabah of the Prophet did not accept the faith of Islam sincerely with the exception of four Sahabah who are: 1) Ammar bin Yasir 2) Miqdad bin Aswad 3) Salman Farsi 5)Abu Dhar Ghifari (r.z).
Besides these the rest of the Sahabah accepted Islam hypocritically in the greed for power. In this book Kashful Asrar, with extreme audacity and courage, Khomeini has written that Umar was an outright Kafir and infidel! Such is the Kufr that is blurted against that very companion of the Prophet concerning whom Rasulullah said :

“Had there been a prophet to come after me, it would have been Umar.”

Maqbool Dehlawi writes in his Tafir that Allah has used the words :

in the Qur’an which means that “Shaytan said…”
He says that these words wherever they appear, refers to Umar bin Khattab. At another place in Kashful Asrar Khomeini writes that Abubakr, Umar, Uthman and Abu Ubaidah attached themselves to the Prophet for the sole reason of attaining power and leadership. Had they been promised the throne of power by falsifying the Prophet , they would have verily falsified him. He also wrote that Abubakr and Umar and those who were with them merely connected themselves to Rasulullah in hope of leadership but their hearts were completely distant form him! At another place in the same book Khomeini wrote another statement of Kufr. He says, “I do not accept that being to be Allah who gave the Khilafah to such immoral persons like Uthman and Mu’awiyah”. That very Uthman who was the son in law of Rasulullah ! The very Uthman whom Rasulullah gave his daughter to ! When, the first daughter passed away, then Rasulullah gave his second daughter. When she also passed away, then Rasulullah said: “O Uthman! if I had any more daughter, I would have given them in your marriage”. O Muslims! That Uthman who before the advent of Islam never consumed liquor, never swore any of his enemies and so was mercilessly martyred, is called a Kafir! (today after 1420 years.)


Another Shi’i scholar, Mulla Baqir Majlisi, writes in his book, Haqqul Yaqeen, concerning the belief of Raj’ah. Raj’ah is that belief of the Shi’ah wherein they claim that whenever the Imam wishes he can bring any person back to life. Under this chapter he writes that when the Mahdi appears, then he will make Tawaf of the Ka’bah. After making Tawaf, he will leave for Madinah. Standing in front of the Raudhah (grave) of the Prophet, he will ask the two graves which are situated next to Rasulullah’s grave. The people will reply: “These are the graves of Abubakr and Umar”. The Imam will ask : “Who buried them beside the Prophet ? The people replied: “They were buried here because they were the close and special companions of the Prophet .” The Imam will advance and demolish the walls of the Raudah. He will then dig the graves of Abubakr and Umar, exhume their bodies and bring them back to life. He will then address them saying: “O Abubakr and Umar! Every sin of adultery, consumption of liquor and immorality that was committed on earth until this day, was because of the two of you! Had you given Ali his rights, none of these sins would have occurred!” Upon this Abubakr and Umar will plead for forgiveness but the Imam will strip Abubakr and Umar of their Kafin, hang them on the gallows of Madinah and last them. This punishment will continue until the day of Qiyamah! O Muslims! Can we remain silent after such blatant lies of Kufr are uttered? This literature is not being published against any person’s mother, father or brother. It is being published against that Siddiq who was appointed by the Prophet as his substitute on the Musalla (prayer mat)! O people! let us ask ourselves: Does our Imam permit us to remain silent after so much of Kufr has been exposed to us? The accursed Shi’ah author, Ghulam Husain Najfi, wrote a book viz, Tuhfah Hanafiyah. By the oath of Allah, such Kufr has been written in this book which is not ever, worth of being mentioned. In this book he has debased and sworn the Sahabah. He has abused their mothers and sisters. He has written that a person who writes the names of Abubakr, Umar and Uthman on his private part will be deserving of great rewards!


To futher propagate their religion the Shi’ah veil themselves behind the sheets of Taqiyyah (holy hypocrisy) and go about claiming to be Muslims. When they are asked about their rejection of Abubakr and Umar (r.z) then they curb the topic by saying that we do accept them (their status) but after that of Ali. A question is many times posed that what is the reason that many years back the Shi’ah participated in all such gatherings and conferences which were arranged by the Ahlus Sunnah and today they are being branded as Kuffar? Previously the Shi’ah and the Ahlus Sunnah worked together against any opposition party and today they have become Kuffar? The slogan of ‘KAFIR KAFIR, SHI’AH KAFIR’ was never heard before. Today it is being heard all over, what is the reason for this discord and disunity? To understand the answer we should remember one point. Usoolul Kafi which is the fundamental Shi’ah book for records a (fabricated) narration. Mullah Baqir Majlisi writes: “Imam Ja’far Sadiq has mentioned that the Ameerul Mumineen (Ali r.z) has said that let every Shi’ah follower of mine hear my (following) bequest: “He who conceals his religion will be granted respect by Allah and he who disclose it will be humiliated.” So the Shi’ah have been practicing upon this advice for the past 1,410 years. All their fundamental beliefs were recorded in book such as Usoolul Kafi etc. These books were not printed of published. Only the original scripts exists and these were safely stored. In this way the beliefs and ideas of the Shi’ah were kept a secret. If the secrets of the Shi’ah were brought to the surface and exposed from the very beginning, then they would never enjoyed the title of being “Muslims” in any era under the ruler ship of any Muslim empire. They would have been holding that very reputation of Kufr which the Christians, Jews and Hindus hold today. The doctrine of Taqiyyah has been flashed out very beautifully so as to encourage mankind to practice upon it. It is mentioned in the Shi’ah books:

” He who does not practice Taqiyyah is not a true believer!” In other words a person will be highly rewarded for speaking such lies (according to Shi’ah religion) because speaking such lies (practicing upon Taqiyyah) is highly commendable. This was clearly attested to by their leader Khomeini when in came into power in 1979. A book containing 700 of his speeches has been published and in the 3rd speech he has mentioned: “It was the claim of the Imam that he who concealed his religion would be granted respect and he who exposed it would be disgraced. However, Allah has granted me such position and power today which was never enjoyed by Shi’ah before. Therefore I have abrogated the law and order of the A’immah. It is my order today that the Shi’ah should proclaim and announce their religion because lies in this.” It is for this reason that all those books which were veiled behind the curtains of Taqiyyah were now published in large numbers and in numerous languages and freely distributed in the Republic of Iran. When these books reached the corners of the world and crossed the eyes of the Ulama, then the reality and true colors of Khomeini and Shi’ism became manifest. Some of the many false beliefs of the Shi’ah which are recorded in these books are: a) Allah speaks lies.
b) The Prophet departed from this world unsuccessful.
c) He (the Prophet ) will pledge allegiance to the (naked) Mahdi.
d) A’ishah had committed adultery whilst married to the Prophet .
e) Abubakr and Umar will be hanged on the gallows of Madinah and,
f) Abubakr and Umar and Uthman were Kuffar and immortal people.
After learning these beliefs and many others the Ulama begin announcing the Kufr of Khomeini and the Shi’ah. Books were published from Egypt, Lebanon, India, Pakistan and all over the world condemning Khomeini and exposing his Kufr. From the above we have learnt that Khomeini was the first person to have exposed and ordered the exposure of the Shi’ah religion and its Kufr.


If we scrutinize the Shi’ah from a historical angle as well, we will not find a single era which was free of their mischief. For example,
1. In the first era of Islam, they had a hand in the assassination of Umar, Uthman and Husain Radiallahu anhum.
2. Going further into the 8th century, who were the traitors to Salahuddin Ayyubi? Salahuddin was fighting against the Christians and the Shi’ah weaved into the opposition party against him.
3. Who was Ibnul Alkami? He invited foreign forces to Baghdad to overthrow the Muslims government.
4.When Ibn Taimiyah opposed the Tartars, then who supported them?
5. Who opposed Sultan Tipu when he came into the battlefield?
6. Leaving aside all these historic events, let us see the Mujahideen of Afghanistan. They were on the verge of conquering Kabul on two occasions when the Shi’ah became an obstruction and prevented those from taking place. The Shi’ah hold the same opinion as the Americans regarding the Mujahideen. After losing the blood of 150,000 Mujahideen, the Iranian like the Americans encouraged reconciliation with Zahir Shah. In other words they encouraged wastage of the precious blood of 150,000 Mujahideen.


We find that the Shi’ah claim Ali (r.z). Hasan (r.z) and Husain (r.z) to be their A’immah. Fatimah (r.z) is a highly respectable figure amongst them. None amongst the Ahlus Sunnah has ever debased or written any filth against anyone of those great respectable personalities. However, when the Ahlus Sunnah regard Abubakr (r.z) as their pride and honor, then we find that Shi’ah have written 360 books condemning him and the rest of the Sahabah (r.z).


The Shi’ah have written a book named Shaikh Thaqifah. This book was published in Karachi. The title of this book is Abubakr and there is the picture of a dog at the bottom. O people! No one ever depicts us in such disgusting ways but the Khalifah of the Prophet is abused in such way that under his name the photo of a dog is placed? O people! what answer will you give on the day of Qiyamah if Abubakr complains to the Prophet saying: “I has sacrificed all my wealth for you, I had given my daughter in your marriage but such an era has come in the world when my name written with the picture of a dog and the Ummah was asleep?


Ghulam Husain Najfi has written a book wherein he has defamed the character of the daughter of the Prophet . He has written that after the demise of the Prophet’s daughter Raqayyah, Uthman had intercourse with her. Such filth will never be tolerated even against any enemy and there it is being mentioned regarding the son in law and daughter of the Prophet !


When the media of Iran announces Abubakr and Umar to be Kuffar, when it announces Uthman to be an immortal person then why is it that no Muslim state replies to this? Had we been in possession of such means we would have definitely replied to them. We are compelled to come out onto the roads and streets to fulfill this duty. It was on the basis of the fulfillment of this very duty that the children of our leader (Haq Nawaz Rahimahullah were made orphans, his wife a widow and himself descended the depths of the grave at such a young age. I have faith that just as he left the world I will also definitely leave the world some day. I also knew that my life is never more exalted than that of Abubakr. I am prepared to tolerate all sorts of punishments whilst disclosing and announcing the Shi’ah Kufr but I will never tolerate the defamation of the character of the Sahabah. Either I will remain on this earth or the enemy will prevail!


When this book (the title of which had the picture of a dog under the name of Abubakr r.z
) was published and it reached the hands of Moulana Haw Nawaz, he studied it and kept weeping the whole night. The following day he announced in a gathering saying: “O Allah! send your curses upon Haq Nawaz if after the publication of this book he sleeps peacefully.” Why is it that Haq Nawaz was taken to task, why was he rebuked and taunted when he announced the Kufr of the Shi’ah? He did not make nay of these claims from his own side. He did not fabricated any of the basis of that Kufr which is recorded in their own books. Similarly in who after learning the above mentioned beliefs counted the Shi’ah amongst amongst Muslims. What is the reason that people spend all their efforts in fighting for issues relating to this world but when Abubakr is abused, the daughter of the Prophet are abused then not a single hair on the body stands?


The Sipahe Sahabah has vowed to fight and combat all such kufr and literature which is being published. The fight of the Sipahe Sahabah is not based on any greed for status of political power. The Sipahe Sahabah has realized its religious duty and obligation of raising the voice of truth from every possible avenue against the filthy literature and words used against the noble personalities of the Sahabah. The Sipahe Sahabah will keep on fulfilling this task and, Insha Allah soon a time come when all such Kufr will be eradicated from the surface of this earth. Amin.


* To propagate the oneness of Allah and to protect the finality of prophet hood of Nabi .
* To utilize all efforts and strength for the promotion of the Khilafaur Rashidah (the Khilafah of the righteous of Nabi .)
* To make every possible effort for the protection of the honor of the Sahabah (r.z).
* To enlighten the forthcoming generation with regard to the Sahabah (r.z), the Khulafa ar-Rashideen, the Ahlus-Bait and the rest pf the pious personalities of Islam.
*To endeavor and strive for the protection is Islam and for the service of society.
*To take part in those efforts which are related to the rectification and upliftment of the society and public welfare.


* To honor the sanctity of the Sahabah and the Ahlus Bait (r.z). Laws should be enacted to protect their honor.
* The institution of the Khilafatur Rashidah.
* The death sentence be imposed against those who accuse the Sahabah (r.z) and the Ahlul Bait of infidelity.
* All types of curses, absurdities and blasphemies against the Sahabah (r.z), be it in writing or verbal, banned completely.
*The gatherings of the Shi’ah wherein they mourn and lament, be restricted to their places of worship.
*Withdrawal of all the illegal cases and accusations made against numerous members of the Sipahe Sahabah.


A’immah Plural of Imam (see Imam below)
Ambiya Plural of Nabi (see Nabi below)
Ayah Verse (of the Qur’an)
Bada A belief of the Shi’ah that Allah commits errors and forgets.
Imam Leader (of the Muslims)
Imamah The post of leadership
Iman Faith
Irtidad Apostasy
Kafir Disbeliever
Kafin The shroud used to cover the dead; a grave cloth
Khalifah The successor of the Prophet Muhammad
Khatmun Nabuwwah The seal of prophet hood; Muhammad
Khulafa Plural of Khalifah (see Khalifah above)
Kuffar Plural of Kafir (see Kafir above
Mu’min Believer (in the faith of Islam)
Nabi Prophet
Nifaq Hypocrisy
Qiblah Direction (of to Ka’bah to which the Muslims turn to prayer)
Qiyamah The Day of Resurrection
Rajah A doctrine in the Shi’ah religion which means that their will return before Qiyamah. The entire Ummah will pledge allegiance to him in this period and he will take revenge from some of the Sahabah. Many other tasks will also be fulfilled by him in this period.
Sahabah Companions of the Prophet Muhammad
Shaytan Devil
Tasfir Commentary (of the Holy Qur’an)
Taqiyah A fundamental of the Shi’ah religion which means that a person should depict himself as a non Shi’ah at the time of need.
Tawaf Circumambulating (of the Ka’bah)
Ulama Plural of Alim; Islamic religious scholars
Ummah Followers



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  1. Astaghfirullah, I was just saying salaam to some brothers I know when I heard others say salaam behind me and I suddenly proclaimed salaam loudly in return only to find – when I turned – a party of filthy shi’ah scum with two of their naajis kabeeraa scholars!!!!

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