Jinn – What are they??

as salaamu alaykum

may this reach you in good health and Imaan,

 A revert was asking me about the status of Jinn in islam. Being a revert they were reluctant of the idea of the jinn being created to worship Allah. The sister thought that Angels were created etc and they help us to do good and that jinn seem to help us do bad but she doesnt understand why the jinns have free will and that there are good ones. She thinks its a bit strange because jinns are much more powerful than man so our relationship with jinns is strange. Is there any particular way i can explain this?

wa alaykumus salaam wa rahmatullaah.

Firstly and foremostly we should understand that the creation are of four types that are catergorized in three sections. The dour creation are as follows:-
1. The Angels
2. The jinn
3. The human
4. The animals
These four are then catergorized into three, viz
1. Those capable of worship only and do not have any desires like The angels
2. Those who possess the capability of worship and have desire as well like the human and jinn.
3. Those who only carr out their desires without responsibility of worship like the animal kingdom.

We should realise that the existance of all four are mentioned in the qur’aan and the sunnah.The angels are created from celestial light and are uncapable of disobedience. The jinn are created from fire and the possess the capability of obedience and disobedience. The human is created from clay and also possess the ability of obedience and disobedience. The animals are created from dust and are not rsponsible of obedience.
We clearly see that the two that are responsible of carrying out the commands of ALLAH and recieve reward for it are the human and jinn. In both the jinn and the human you find that there are pious and the rebellious. In surah kahf verse 50 Allah mentions that “iblees (the devil) was from the jinn and he rebelled from the command of his lord” The command is also there that ” men and jinn have been created only for my worship” (surah zaariyaat) The devil is but an indivdual amongst the jinn. As we find the devil and his followers from the jinn that are rebellious so do we find his followers from the humans as well that have been declared as “shayaateen. In surah aa’raaf verse 112 ALLAH mentions “And in the same manner we have made enemies for every messenger(prophet) from amonst the shayaateen of both men and jinn…” From this it is clear thatevil and harm is linked to the devil and his folllowers whether from man or jinn. Also strentgh does not actuallly play an important role in worship and helpfulness.The misconception of the jinn being fallen angels causes most of these doubts.The thought of them having supernatural powers is totally untrue. They are bound to the command of ALAH and they too suffer life and death.
I hope this information will suffice  insha ALLAH


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