Enjoy yourselves

Today, people complain that they do not see the miracles of Allah as the people used to see during the presence of the prophets. That is not true at all. The miracles of Allah are visible each and every time. Whether a person is out of this world or within this world, under the sea or above the clouds, he will see the miracles of Allah. Mankind created airplanes after so much struggle and hardship, but Allah had created the birds since the beginning of creations, which can outperform the abilities of the modern airplanes. In Canada, the weather fluctuates from extreme cold to extreme hot. But we see that the birds stay outside and survive these temperatures without extra clothing. They do not even need socks to protect their legs. I remember, once a pigeon laid some eggs in our balcony. It was winter. After few weeks, the babies came out. One day as it was snowing, I accidentally opened the balcony door and the mother pigeon flew away leaving the babies unattended. The babies had no feathers to keep them warm. However, they survived this extreme cold temperature for a full 15 minutes until the mother returned. If we were to stand outside without clothes in this temperature, then we would be in the hospital for hypothermia. It’s amazing how Allah preserves these animals!

Even in Jannah, Allah has prepared for us beautiful birds. As one Scholar has mentioned, as we walk in Jannah, we will see thousands of birds flying in the sky. Each bird will have two wings and each wing will have 70,000 feathers. When the birds flap their wings, each feather will give out one type of colour. So, each wing will give out 70,000 different types of colours when the birds fly. We cannot comprehend how beautiful it will be. Then suddenly, you will wonder how these birds taste like. As soon as this thought comes to your mind, the birds will fly towards you. Each one of them will offer itself for your food. They will in fact compete with each other to be eaten. One bird will come and say, “I grew up drinking water from the best fountain of Jannah and eating the best fruits of Jannah. Eat me.” You will agree and immediately the bird will be presented to you in food form on 70,000 different plates. Each plate will have a different meal. So, one bird will feed you 70,000 different types of food! After you are done eating to your satisfaction, the bird will form itself again and fly back to the sky.

We all like to have fun. But to enjoy a nice car, you must work for sometime beforehand to get the money to buy the car. To enjoy a cell phone, we need to make some effort to pay for the bills. Similarly, to enjoy the eternal bliss of paradise, we have to do some work in this world. That is to obey Allah and call others to obey Him. Everyone is looking for peace but peace is hiding behind obeying Allah. When a person obeys his Lord, then he refrains from harming others. Don’t wait; take the first step now to get closer to Allah. Then keep on taking more steps to climb the stairs. One day will come when you will be high up there, Insha-Allah.


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