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  1.  The Institute was established in the year 1997 when a few Girls who had left school approached the principal and his wife to conduct some classes for them daily for an hour or so. This then slowly developed into  a fully fledged madressah for those who were attending the Muslim School and who wanted extra islaamic lessons. By the end of 1997 there were over 34 children attending the afternoon classes. During 1998 The parents f 4 girls approached the principal to make a 1 year course for the girls to learn basic Arabic , urdu and islaamiyyat and this was commenced which slowly developed in to a four year aalima course and 2 of the initial 4 completed the four year course. Two years later we had the next three girls qualifying and insha Allah  this year there will be the third batch of four girls will be qualifying as AALIMAAS. The afternoon class steadily increased and now we have 118 students attending the afternoon classes.On the other hand the Principal was teaching a few boys hifz privately after hours and he was offered the use of a house by its owner and he then opened the boys section wherein the hifz and male aalim classes were commenced. Alhamdulillaah in the boys  2 students completed the second last year of the aalim classes. One went on to complete in azaadville and the second has made intention of doing it with the ustaaz in the Institiute as he is elderly and has a family. May Allah make it easy for him. AAMEEN. INSHA ALLAH this year there will be two students completing their hifz as well , one being the son of the principal


Author: jaamiahamidia

striving for the upliftment of humanity

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